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What we do...

• Data management consulting
• Custom database development
• FileMaker Pro training
• Small business solution templates
• FileMaker Pro issues & techniques blog

Data Management Consulting

We help small businesses, workgroups, and startups—anyone who needs a better way to manage their data. We can show you database tools that are appropriately sized and priced for smaller to mid-sized businesses and workgroups. If Quickbooks isn't customized enough, but an enterprise solution like Oracle or SQL Server is too expensive and too time-consuming to deploy, let us show you how we can meet your needs with nimble solutions that cost less and take less time to develop.

We can work with you to design a system that is scaled appropriately and that will grow as your business needs expand and change. When you wish to publish your data on the web, we can help you determine the most suitable technology to expand your web presence.

Custom Database Development

If off the shelf applications do not quite meet your needs, you may benefit from a custom built solution. Have the expert designers at Parrot Database Services build a system closely tailored to your unique business needs. You tell us the requirements of your business, and when we understand them thoroughly, we can construct the perfect software solution that meets those needs and gives you an attractive and easy-to-use interface.

FileMaker Pro Training

Many people have an interest in data management or already use FileMaker Pro, and would like to learn more. We can provide training at all levels, including advanced on site help with existing solutions. This is especially valuable for companies who have an employee with some programming experience who would like to take over more of the data management and programming tasks.

Small Business Solutions Templates

Currently you may download "Home Office" from our web site. This turnkey solution is perfect for small businesses that need to track projects, clients, contacts, and invoicing. Other solutions are being developed and will be available in the future.

FileMaker Pro Issues and Techniques Blog

Follow our blog featuring tips, tricks, and discussions of a wide range of issues important to FileMaker developers. It is our way of sharing techniques that may help other FileMaker users.
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